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Morning came and I sat for a while, look at the drawer where his trousers, I wear blue underwear with matching stockings and suspenders so and Mary went to the office. I knocked on the door and told me to come when I walked into the office voyeurcentre and Vivien Mary were there and smiles. 'Now do you live? ' I said I was. voyeurcentre ' What are you wearing ?' Mary said : 'I can see you have your socks,' Vivien, I told them wearing panties, stockings and garters, Vivien said they now voyeurcentre have a bra all the time went. Mary looked at me and said. ' It is better then sorts the rules, along with what will be his new task,' For the next few days, going to work with me in the morning and Vivien in the spa during the afternoon. 'I will wait to do what we tell you, quickly and without doubt is that clear? ' Said Mary. I just nod, smile, and Mary saw Vivien. 'I told you I was going to Viv here, said his ex to me that eithernce you have a pair of panties, he's totally submissive. 'She looked at me and said, back to my voyeurcentre room to collect my things and bring them to the plant. When I arrived at the plant, which were waiting for me. ' You will stay here for a while, you put your clothes in the locker room. 'I walked into the room and put my clothes in the closet, Vivien came and watched me in silence for a minute or two. They came and picked up some underwear and began to search him, ' Did you buy? ' Red Satin Basque Keeps. ' Yes, 'he said as he walked behind me and hit me very hard. ' If you are alone with Mary and me, is the lady. '' Now that you serve, what you want in a simple crepes and bra and nothing else and enter the next room. 'With these words, left, I heard the door open into the next room and talked and laughed. I cut bra and high simple white panties that was in him, and entered the room, whichSo there was re Vivien working his coat. A decision on a plastic mat on the floor, ' at that level, feet apart, arms outstretched and eyes closed and not move or open my eyes until I tell you. ' I did what they told me I could feel the air cool slightly and hear some hissing and the smell was a bit like coconut. After 15 minutes my arms were really hurt when the sound stopped. Vivien said : 'That should do just fine, this would age at the Spa - taken. ' 'Now, without moving, while only a few voyeurcentre minutes,' I've heard run the dryer and was able to feel in my body. 'Okay, what 's done,' said Vivien ' Keep your eyes closed. ' I felt something along the edges of my legs panty and the federal government, then the same feeling at the edges of the bra and then nothing. 'Okay, take her bra and panties. ' Mary said, 'Yes, ma'am,' I replied. He was naked in front of them, you just start laughing hysterically. 'Open your eyes now little ladybug 'If I had white skin and cover the rest of my body voyeurcentre from the neck down was very tanned. My penis was rock hard, which affirmed and said Maria. ' He's really losing it, he's not ' sat Mary in a chair and within minutes had foundation, eye shadow, blush and lipstick applied. The whole time I was coming to cum, I once had that Mary and Vivien had apparently satisfied with the outcome. Vivien Mary and stared at me, 'So now let's see what he has to endure,' said Mary. We went next door to my new room, and looked through the clothes I had. The election was a very strong red, I put it on and gave a white blouse and black short skirt, which is also created. 'We want to look good to go and you meet our other half is today, will be like a coming out party. ' I knew I was doing everything they told me the first time I wore panties, I knew it was a submissive and now he wassperate to say what they voyeurcentre will do. Maria and I was left ' You look good ' with Vivien left, he said. 'Noel is here in a few minutes and he likes what he sees, then lie in bed and when we do here, what you say. ' Wait, pulled my dick is probably the most difficult it had always been. After a few minutes and Vivien Noel came into my room, I was in bed, as I had said that when she entered the room. Noel and I saw (the boss) was in his checks with his white coat, his hand went straight to his penis voyeurcentre and within seconds I realized he well endowed. Although not as big as Michael was at least twice bigger than me, ' Noel, Paul, this is our Sissy'. Could leave the queue that he liked what he saw : '. It is a pleasure for us, Paul Noel had no relief for a few days and you will help to' My penis twitched, I voyeurcentre knew I was in the semen voyeurcentre less contact Vivien Sat in the chair and lifted her skirt and showed me her pusand ' Do you know what to do, he said. ' I did not need encouragement, and stood beside the bed and buried my face in voyeurcentre her pussy in a few seconds I felt my ass cheeks Noel rub his cock through the underwear. Then the panties are pulled down and felt his cock pushing my man pussy, I voyeurcentre felt Vivien, cum Noel then begin to penetrate me without wine and everything was so intense that I almost came inside my voyeurcentre skirt. ' Have you seen how much of a pussy that is, was, without prejudice,' said Vivien. 'Now he is here for your pleasure every time you want Noel and her pussy is there for you to use if you wish, you better back in the hotel, I'll make her work for the rest of the morning -. Mary here soon and voyeurcentre we have to clarify some things. ' About ten minutes later, Mary came into the plant, ' How did that? ' 'I asked. 'It came without any help at all,' Vivien said : 'His makeup is a mess and poor Noel still needs a bit of relief. ' 'Pele and geton the edge of the bed, ' I have, as I said when I was bent over the bed frame, tied my hands around the frame and my legs were already tied to the posts on both sides of my face was in the covers of the bed. the first blow caught me by surprise, voyeurcentre but kept coming until I cried and then there was more, until I begged him to stop both shots. 'You only cum when we say now you know my other half,' said Mary. I felt hands on my waist and just pushing my pussy something fresh, then the pain when I was hurt. Vivien tried but below the mouth. and pulled my hair, my face began to lead her pussy, I'm very bad, despite the pain, ' can you feel my other half,' said Mary: ' I ​​have a large and you have to experience early enough,' as she told me that the most painful of unlubed fucks.
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